1004: Robot Designs

In 1004 we were set a task involving working from reference images to create an original design and also breaking down objects into simple 3D shapes.

Using what we learnt in the classwork we were set the task of designing a robot.

Reference images used. I broke the robots down into shapes and wrote down what features I liked.


My design



I started with a few pages of shapes I liked, then when I was sure what overall style I wanted I started fitting them together. I really liked the hospital and security drone robots I looked at so I wanted a design that combined the two, along with it being cute. I realized halfway through that it looked abit like a penguin so I made the arms more flipper like and gave it the same range of movement as a penguin.

It’s main purpose is to move about quickly so I made it fly instead of walk so it could avoid people quickly and the lack of feet also means it wouldn’t track dirt around.

I wasn’t sure how to effectively move the head so I decided just the eye screen would move giving it a larger field of vision. I made the yes extra large and gave it little circle ears to make it extra cute.

I also added useful features like patient information on its chest and scanners in its eyes.


Our next task was to use what we learnt from the sphere rendering to render the robot in Photoshop-

I really enjoyed this. It was a fun challenge and I got to replicate lots of textures using different techniques like tone or brush size.

For the black areas I copied the texture of a flat screen TV and for the robot body I looked at iPhone and hard drive cases to get a plasticy effect.

I liked it with or without the background.

I found it hard to replicate the LED parts on the shoulders but it’s something I can concentrate on improving.


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