1004: Rendering in Photoshop

In the second Animation Production lesson we looked at rendering in Photoshop.

The main aims were to use brush size, pen pressure and subtle changes in colour to successfully render a black and white image of a sphere.

It was really useful as it helped with how I look at tone and what makes a shape look 3D. It was also interesting seeing how brush size and pressure made a difference and helped me remember some of the shortcuts we had been taught last lesson.

Here’s my finished first attempt


I’m really happy with this. It was fun working with different tone limits- dark for the shadows and light for the left of the ball. It was also interesting to learn new things like contact shadows and to work without using pure white or black except in very limit amounts.

For homework we had to render another sphere. The image below isn’t finished but I’ve included it because it almost looks like a marble, I think it’s a good example of how brush size and colour can change the texture so much.



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