1003: Maya Fruit Modelling

For one of the project one briefs we were set the task of recreating a still life in Maya, making sure to replicate the lighting, textures and proportions.

This is the still life

I took a lot of photos and a video of the piece when it was set up, along with several sketches.

More below the cut

The still life consists of-

3 bunches of grapes

2 bowls

8 bottles

5 pears

5 bananas

2 antlers

3 lemons

5 apples

3 oranges

3 peppers

1 melon

During the lesson we learnt more about modelling and how to model the polygons more specifically. I wanted to use the skills I’d learnt immediately so the first thing I did was mould some of the fruit, increasing the difficulty as I went along.

It was interesting deciding which area of the polygon (edge, face, vertex ect) to move in order to get the required shape. I also like the ease of Maya as I can very easily make basic shapes and work can easily be duplicated or restarted.

Next I’m going to work on the rest of the fruit and then look at the various bottle shapes.


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