1001: Walk Cycle



For the week four lesson I decided to look at walk cycles.

I read through Richard Williams Animator’s Survival Guide for how to break down the movement but I found his example very complex. I did however use his thirds breakdown for which frames to put the key frames on.

I instead found a more cartoon like image on google and drew it out-


This helped with understanding the arc of each body part

I also animated this cycle-


It was a bit jumpy and I wasn’t too happy with the hand movement so I didn’t neaten it.

As I understood the basic movements I looked again at the Richard William’s version, using these two reference images

This example had much longer limbs so it was easier to create arcs and I also had more room to work with. In this example I spent longer on each frame and had a sketch layer as well as a neat layer. I also made the back limbs solid colour to better differentiate between the two.

walklongmovie The loop of the gif doesn’t really work for this cycle

I don’t think it’s perfect yet, I’m not sure if it’s the frame rate or how I exported it but I want to work into it more. I do think it’s a good second try.


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