1001: bouncing ball exercise

The first task for 2D animation was to animate a ball in TVPaint. It had to show evidence of squash and stretch, as well as arcs and understanding gravity.

In my first attempt I didn’t keep a consistent shape or use enough frames, but I think the squash and stretch and arc are ok.

in the second one I tried to keep the shape more consistent by keeping more frames visible on the lightbox. I also added more frames to slow down the movement and refine the way the momentum. I do feel in this one that the arc at the end is too high. Because of this I made another version.

This one is much better but the shape is slightly too sketchy and I think the arch could be more defined.

For this one I drew an arc on another layer and kept to it. I think this improved a lot of the finished animation as the pace is more balanced and it has a more consistent momentum.

I still might neaten it up but for now I’m happy with version 4.


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